Project Planning

Creating a beautiful new outdoor space may seem daunting. With Indigo, you needn’t worry. Our twenty years of project management expertise will help you all the way from initial concept to completion. We look after everything;



Project design is the most important part of any landscaping project. Our expert team have helped deliver projects from the smallest scale all the way through to complete garden transformations (we have even showcased at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show). Whatever your design objective, Indigo have the expertise to help make it a reality. Once we have received your quotation request, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss your project. We will then liaise with you via email/phone to get a design that achieves your project objectives. Depending on the scale of the project, this process takes around a couple of weeks.



Once the design had been agreed we will begin the task of planning the project; assessing which areas to tackle and in which order, how and when the materials will be delivered to site and where they will be stored. We also have lots of experience of delivering ambitious projects in challenging environments (such as at properties with limited access), so whatever your circumstance, Indigo will almost certainly be able to deliver.



Indigo have long-standing relationships with several local and national suppliers, who are able to provide us with a wide array of traditional and contemporary products. Our high standing within the industry helps ensure that these materials are delivered at times that suit the project.


Preparation and clearing

With design and project planning taken care of, our attention turns to the preparation and clearing of the site. We understand that you may wish to retain certain aspects of your current landscape (whether it be plants, trees or aspects of the built environment). So before we proceed, we make sure we know what you would like to retain. Once we have achieved that objective, the team will bring in machinery where necessary to prepare the land for the next phase of the project (this often involves digging out parts of the project space to accommodate such things as patios, sunken seating areas, ponds etc). The waste from this phase of the project is taken away by skip(s) which our project team will organise.


Ground Work

With the project area now a blank canvas, your Indigo team will begin constructing your outdoor space. This is the stage of the build where exciting transformations happen in a short space of time. Hard landscaping (such as concreting/laying foundations for greenhouses etc) gives structure to your outdoor space. The team then shift towards tasks such as laying turf, fitting items such as outside seating and lighting, and building such things as raised flower beds. Throughout this phase, all waste is controlled to minimise the projects impact upon you.



Once the ground work and hard landscaping is complete, we will begin the all important stage of planting. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in this area, so you can rest assured that the planting will be done sympathetically, ensuring that plants and trees are placed in the optimum areas for long term growth. Our clients also often wish to reduce ongoing maintenance for their new environment. To that end, we often lay down large quantities of bark-chip mulch to keep weeding to a minimum. Throughout the project, our team will be happy to give you advice to ensure that you are comfortable with maintaining your new outdoor space.


Finishing Touches:

With all the major work complete, it’s time to turn our attention to the little things that make the difference. We will move your garden furniture back for you, apply sealant to any patio areas that we have constructed, & help you to understand what needs maintaining (and when!). And that’s it! Your new outdoor space is complete and ready for you to enjoy!


Now you’ve seen the process, why not see the results! To see a gallery showing some of our work, click here